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Scheduling Basics

Scheduling can be hard. Trying to run your business while managing overtime, time off requests, employee availability, there are many variables at play. If your stuck scheduling with a spreadsheet, or pen and paper, you're bound to make mistakes. BarSight helps take the guesswork out of scheduling, allowing you to schedule more efficiently with confidence.

Shift Blocks and Slots

Shifts are defined in 2 ways, in Blocks and Slots. A Shift Block is a defined start and end time of a specified role, while a Shift Slot is the assigned employee. A Shift Block can contain one or more Shift Slots (employees all starting at the same time with the same role).

  • Most shifts here only have 1 shift slot, except for the 3pm Expo shift, it has 2 slots.
  • Each shift slot can have a note attached it to, as a quick description to the employee on what to expect for that day. You might want your Bartender to act as a Shift Lead for a few hours, or get one of your Hosts to help with closing. These notes will be displayed to the employee on their phones, and the printed schedule.
  • When you click on a shift, you'll see this window pop up. You can define the start and end time, adjust breaktimes, and get a live total of hours for this shift block.
  • The shift slots are managed below, by adding or removing rows. Beside each employees name, is a tally of the hours scheduled for the current week, to help you choose the best employee for the shift.
  • Ever wonder if you are over-scheduling and spending too much on labour? BarSight gives you instant updates on the estimated cost of labour for each day as your scheduling.

Publishing Shifts

All shifts start out as unpublished, which means not visible to your staff. So when your building the weekly schedule, or just copied the previous week over, you staff won't be able to see any changes until you're ready.

  • Unpublished shifts show up with a yellow warning triangle in the top right corner.
  • You can print out a draft of the schedule to view how the schedule looks on paper before publishing.
  • When you're ready to approve the schedule, click the Publish button at the top, and all your staff will be able to view their schedule.
  • If you make changes to a Published shift, it will revert back to an Unpublished shift and will need to be published again.

Scheduling Conflicts

If you schedule somebody on their day off, they are unavailable during the shift times, or they will hit overtime, BarSight will let you know by flashing the Shift Blocks that are affected.

  • If you where to hover over this shift block, you'll see Damion is not available to work this day.

Posting Shifts

When the day is done (or the next morning), it's time to confirm the shift times for your staff members by posting the shifts. Each day is separated by your scheduling departments, and inside you'll get a list of the scheduled shifts. If the day went as planned, you can click Post All to save all the shifts, or you can save and modify each shift individually by clicking the Edit or Post Shift buttons.

  • Shifts that have been posted will show up in green.
  • Posted shifts can still be modified if you notice a mistake.
  • Payroll is calculated from the posted shifts, not from your scheduled shifts. So you'll need to post your shifts if you want to run payroll.