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Build Your Own Online Employee Training Modules

BarSight Restaurant Systems Online Employee Training provides a simple way to create training materials for new hires.


Online Employee Training

Design and implement your own online training program for your restaurants' new hires with BarSights Online Employee Training.  Our simple to use system allows you to drag-and-drop elements such as paragraphs, images, videos, and even multiple choice questions into the pages of your training module.

All training modules come pre-styled with standard features, so all you have to do is start creating the training modules.  Let's take a look at an overview of the features with some step by step instructions on setting up a training module.

Training Modules

First lets choose a subject, like 'Guest Experience' and create a training module for that.  A module is just a collection of pages, like a chapter in a book.  Inside each page is where we will insert our elements, like paragraphs, images, and videos.  You can even choose to insert multiple choice questions throughout the module, or create a page at the end to test your employees knowledge.

BarSight Restaurant Employee Training Module View

On the right hand of the screen you'll notice you can automatically assign the training to your restaurant employees based on their roles, or specify individual employees.  These employees will get a notification that they have training to complete, and be able to finish that training on their computer or mobile phone.

Editing Elements

Inside each page you'll be able to drag and drop elements such as paragraphs, images, videos, and multiple choice questions.

Restaurant Employee Training Page

Clicking the edit button on an element will open a new window where you can edit the contents and change some settings on how the element is displayed.  If you have a custom CSS file loaded with your training module (more on that on an article to follow later), you can assign a class or identifier to the element, and your CSS file will apply the desired styling.

BarSight Employee Restaurant Training Edit Element

When you're all happy with the results, you can preview your training module to see how it will look to your employees.  Publishing your module will send a notification to your employees that they have a training module to complete.

Employees Complete The Modules

When your module has been published and is online, your employees will be able to view and complete the training module.  The training can be done from a desktop, laptop, tablet, and even mobile phone.  All formatting and design headaches have been taken care of automatically.

Restaurant Employee Training Module Mobile View

Training Results

BarSight keeps track of your employees progress as they complete your training modules.  These results are stored so you can view the results, see who is your top performer, and who could benefit from a little more assistance.

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