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Restaurant Employee Scheduling Software

An efficient restaurant schedule is key to running a smooth operation.  BarSight Restaurant Systems offers our free restaurant employee scheduling system with all subscription packages.


Restaurant Owners Love Our Software

BarSight Restaurant Systems has been crafted specifically for the restaurant industry including breweries, cafes, and wineries. Our scheduling software is an efficient, affordable restaurant employee scheduling system.

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BarSight Restaurant Employee Scheduling - Mobile Schedule View

Employee Scheduling Software

Create Schedules Instantly
From your desktop or mobile device, see how easy it is to create your weekly restaurant schedule. You can also edit an existing schedule, validate against employee availability, and publish instantly to your staff on our mobile app, with just a few clicks.
Create Schedule Templates
Once you've created the perfect roster, save your weekly schedule as a template, you can create as many templates as you want. Drastically reducing the amount of time it takes to create a schedule every week.
Validate Employee Availability
Our free restaurant employee scheduling software provides you with powerful tools to ensure your employee's hours are scheduled correctly - giving you peace of mind in reducing no-shows and frantic call-ins. All employee availability requests are approved by your managers and instantly reflected on the schedule as you build it.
Shift Swaps and Trades
Tired of post-it notes and coasters on your desk requesting shift swaps? Your employees can request shift swaps and pick up each other's shifts from our free mobile app. Your restaurant managers and supervisors will be able to see a list of pending shift modification requests. When both employees have agreed to a shift trade or pickup, the request will be ready for manager approval.
Automatic Budgeting
As you assign employees to the schedule, you can see your estimated labor cost update.
Export Payroll
Payroll data can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet at the click of a button.

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Proudly Canadian

Canadian Craft Brewers Association

BarSight Restaurant Systems is proud to be a member of the Canadian Craft Brewers Association.

BarSight Restaurant Labor Expense Reporting

Labor Reports and Payroll Reporting

Know Your Labor Costs
Separate your front of house and back of house labor costs to determine your restaurants' labor budget.
Calculate Labor Costs Instantly
Reduce labor costs with BarSight, by seeing how each employee's shift affects your weekly budget. Daily and weekly overtime alerts are displayed on your schedule as you build it.
POS Integration
Connect with your POS terminal to get real and average sales data. Compare your average sales against your estimated costs with instant labor forecasting.

Available As A Free Mobile App

Your staff can request shift swaps, time off requests, and request updates to their availability from their mobile device. When you publish a schedule, your employees will get notified of their upcoming shifts and be able to view them on the app.

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