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What is Log Book?

Log Book is a series of pre-defined forms (designed by you!) that your staff can fill out online, from their phone, tablet or computer. These entries are able to be viewed online, or printed out, either individually or as a monthly review.

Create a Form

You need to create a form before your staff can create entries for the forms. Only employees will Full Access to Log Book will be able to create or edit forms. Navigate to the Log Book page through the menu to get started.

  • Click on New Form to create a new form, or click on the form name you want to edit.
  • The new window will contain a number of inputs and options to configure your log book form. You can use the checkboxes for each day of the week to have that form be required on that day, useful for a General Log. For other forms that aren't needed on a regular basis, such as Customer Comments, you can leave all the days unchecked.
  • Add multiple fields, with different types (Textbox, numbers, dates, etc) to suit what kind of data you want to collect form your employees.
  • Need more options? Click the 'advanced' button to expand the current row to be able to configure other things like the size of the field.

Logbook Entries

Any employee with Basic Access to Log Book can view, create, or modify entries.

  • All forms that are required on certain days (such as a Daily Log) will automatically show up on the calendar. Entries will green backgrounds indicate that an entry for that form has been created.
  • If the form is not required on certain days, you can create an entry for that form by clicking Insert Entry button at the top of the calendar and selecting the form your looking for.